Club FAQ's

Q. What does Tae Kwon Do consist of?

Tae Kwon Do consists of three basic elements Patterns, Sparring and Destruction. Patterns are the artistic form of Tae Kwon Do, Sparring is the fighting element and Destruction is the highly skillful breaking technique performed by the black belts.

Q. How often can I train ?

You can train as many times per week as you like.

Q. Where can I train?

You can train in any T.A.G.B. school in your area (prior permission should be obtained from the relevant instructor), providing that you train twice per week with your own instructor.

Q. What do the different coloured belts mean?

The different belts show what level or Grade that you have achieved in Tae Kwon Do. Each belt colour has two levels, one plain and one striped. The stripe shows that you are between two belt colours, working towards the colour of the stripe. These levels are also called Kups, with a white belt being a 10th Kup and a black stripe being a 1st Kup. Once you attain black belt status, these become Dans, starting with 1st Dan and working up.

Q. Why are there different coloured Doboks (suits)?

The traditional (white) Dobok is required for all official T.A.G.B. Events, ie. gradings, tournaments, etc. However, it can be notoriously difficult to keep your whites looking their best, particularly in a less than spotless sports hall! Therefore, the Tiger Suit (yellow/black) can be worn at any of our training sessions. There are other doboks available ( England , Wales , Scotland , etc.) but these may only be worn at the discretion of your instructor.

Q. What is a Grading?

A grading is an examination to determine whether you have learnt the required elements of your belt and are ready to proceed to the next Kup. There is a fee for each colour belt grading that you take.

Q. How often must I grade?

Colour belt gradings are held every three months up to blue belt (4th Kup), and every 6 months from then up to black stripe (1st Kup). However, this does not mean that you must grade every time, your instructor will determine this at your pre-grading.

Q. Why do I need to pre-grade?

Pre-gradings are held before your grading in order to monitor your progress. If either you or your instructor are not happy with your progress, this pre-grading is the point at which it is decided whether or not you will be entered for the grading.

Q. How does the Grading work?

You will be told in advance the time and location of the grading. It is advisable to turn up in plenty of time and to bring a drink with you. As the length of the grading depends on how many students are entered, the Grading may not always finish on schedule. Although this can make for a long day, especially for the children, it cannot be helped and a separate room may be available to warm up and practice in although you may prefer to watch how the grading itself works before it is your turn.

Q. What is my licence for?

Your licence is your membership to the T.A.G.B. and the B.T.C. (British TKD Council) and means that you are insured as a member of these organisations. It is also an official record of your gradings, with each being recorded in the back of your licence (licences must be handed in at your pre-grading). Finally, it contains a brief history of the T.A.G.B. and several useful pieces of theory and information. Make sure you read it!

Q. Do I have to spar?

Sparring is not part of the grading syllabus until you reach blue stripe belt (5th Kup). However, many people like to spar from very early on in their training. There are two distinctly different styles of sparring, one is for grading this shows off your technique and skill and is non-contact, the other is tournament sparring, which does have an element of contact in it and uses slightly different techniques than grading sparring.

Q. What equipment do I need?

If you are going to spar, you will need a full set of (approved) protective padding. This consists of a helmet, hand and foot pads, shin pads, gum shield and, for males, a groin guard.

Q. Where can I buy equipment/clothing?

Any advice on equipment can be obtained from your instructor and any equipment or clothing you need can be purchased through your club.

Q. Can I enter competitions/tournaments?

Once you have taken your first grading, you can enter tournaments for both patterns and sparring. Details of each tournament are given out during class , via the website, on the noticeboards or in the club newsletters. Please make sure that you keep yourself informed through any or all of these sources.